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In view of the confidential nature of the information supplied and required. We regret to inform you that no explanation will be given if we are unable to provide you with the tenancy you require.

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I authorise you to disclose any information about me to any credit reference agency who may retain a record of any such search and may share the information with other lenders. The information registered is used only to help make credit and insurance decisions or for fraud prevention or tracing of debtors. I declare that I have never been bankrupt or entered into any agreement with my creditors or had any judgement for debt outstanding.

I declare that the supplied information is to the best of my knowledge true. I have no objection to this information being verified by whatever means deemed necessary.

An application by more than one party to the agreement will result in a financial connection between those individuals being established at the credit reference agency.


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Acceptance Conditions

Whilst every precaution is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information provided no guarantee as to its total veracity is given. This information is provided on a wholly confidential basis for the exclusive use of the client and must not be divulged to any third party without the consent in writing of J & J HouseLet Ltd.,